09 January, 2012

Prime Rib Dinner

Traditionally on Sundays the Torwalt family usually all tries to get together for a meal; this week I volunteered to have everyone in and attempt to bring the great and high standard taste of Prime Rib to the table! It worked!  Here's how it all went.

Bring your roast to room temperature before roasting.  Reason, you'll get a more even cooked roast. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. I then gave the meat a little love and rubbed the roast with the famous "Montreal Steak Spice".  (A must have in my pantry.) Place the roast in a roaster (use a roaster that's as close to the size of the roast so it doesn't loose all its juices) bone side down and fatty side up (do not remove excess fat.. it will save you from needing to baste your meat) and DO NOT cover roast. Put the roast in the oven at this temperature for approx. 30 min.  This will allow a nice crust to form on the roast and then turn the oven down and continue to cook at 350 degrees till desired wellness. 
Note:  Important to let your roast rest for 15-20 min. before you cut into it. This allows the roast to retain it's juices back to the center of the roast.  Also while it sits it will further cook approx. 5 degrees so don't leave it in till last min.  :)  While it sits it's a great time to get some traditional Yorkshire puddings in the oven... I intended to but my baby called for a feeding so I never that accomplished!... 

Keeping it simple is always my favorite.
My mother is law brought the bacon and boiled egg spinach salad. - Great classic which was a perfect complement to the roast and potatoes!

I chopped up Red Potato, Sweet Potato, Red Onion, and a couple Carrots (that I had to use up in my fridge) and added chopped Garlic and fresh Herbs.  Any work, I used Rosemary, Sage, Thyme and Basil..A little bit of my melancholy personality.. More is always better!  Melt some butter and pour over mix along with some olive oil.  Add Salt and Pepper... (Montreal Steak Spice too is wonderful!)

Mushroom Gravy:
In a saute pan combine olive oil and thinly chopped red onion, and sliced mushrooms - Fry until mushrooms shrink and onions start to caramelize.  I added at that point add some Red Wine Vinegar to de-glaze the goodness from the pan and I then added dash of some dry brown gravy mix (Costco) and some Chicken Broth and brought to a boil..  It naturally thickened a bit because of the gravy mix but a little flour could be added if you don't have the mix present.  Add salt if needed and pepper or... Montreal Steak Spice!  When the Roast is removed from the roaster you're left with more goodness that has stuck to the pan.. and your mixture into the roaster and scrape off whatever you can from the pan to add even more flavor to your gravy!  When transferring your gravy into a serving dish drain off any excess fat that settles on the top.

Next posts will be the dessert and the appetizers that took place that evening--- It was a gooood full food day and it made it best to share the good with those we love!

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  1. yummm... this looks so delicious. I'll try it when I get back to Canada, its too hot here to cook that right now.
    Plus...suggestion for another blog...that delicious couscous salad, with all the citrus...mostly its a selfish request because it seems like such a great summer dish and i want to make it.

    love, Bobbi